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PW 3.0.180 – Core updates


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ProcessWire 3.0.180 contains 20 commits containing various minor new features, issue resolutions and pull requests. While there's no single major feature to write a big blog post around, combined there are a lot of worthwhile and useful updates so this version is definitely worth updating to. More details can be found in the dev branch commit log and at ProcessWire Weekly (issue #370 covered an addition to our $files API var). 

Yesterday the forums were running a little slow because we had our yearly DDOS’er pay the site a visit once again (remember last time?), and from an apparently unlimited supply of IP addresses around the world this time. We shut down the forums to users that weren't logged in while the load was high. Actually, it does this automatically now. We also updated the forums from using memcached to AWS Redis, which should also help as a nice upgrade for the forums. Big thanks to @Pete and @Jan V. for setting it up and keeping everything running smoothly.

I'll keep it short today because it's supposed to rain here all weekend, so I'm going to spend some time outside while I can. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend! 

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