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Add parameters to an 'addHookMethod'?


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I've added a page hook method (addHookMethod) in ready.php and I am calling it on a page. Simple enough. See below for the current code.

I now need to pass parameters into the hook but can't figure out how this is possible?

So with the current usage here:

$product = $page->shopifyGetProductById();

I'd like to pass some parameters into the hook to then use within the hook function itself:

$product = $page->shopifyGetProductById($data);
wire()->addHookMethod('Page::shopifyGetProductById', function($event) {
	$page = $event->object;

	$gid = "gid://shopify/Product/{$page->shopifyProductId}";
	$query = <<<GQL
	query {
	  product(id: "$gid") {

	$result = wire('cache')->get("shopifyGetProductById{$page->shopifyProductId}");
	if (!$result) {
		$result = shopifyGQL($query);
		wire('cache')->save("shopifyGetProductById{$page->shopifyProductId}", $result, "template=shopifyProduct, shopifyProductId={$page->shopifyProductId}");
	$event->return = $result;


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5 hours ago, elabx said:

This works??

$data = $event->arguments(0);


This does work! I'm sorry for the clearly amateur question! Thanks!

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