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[Solved] Admin 'View' links removing port nos?

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PW 3.0.165 / Admin Theme UIKit

Today's head scratcher!

I have 20+ PW sites running on my localhost under MAMP at localhost:8888, many of which are PW 3.0.165 / UIKIt Admin theme.

Today I noticed on one site the admin 'View' links in the page tree and the page editor are removing the port number from the URL. so rather than linking to 'localhost:8888/site/page' they are linking to 'localhost/site/page'. To make things even more weird the other admin links ('edit' for example) leave the ':8888' intact. Finally, it's only happening on one site, the others on the same host are fine.

I've looked at the .htaccess and there are no rewritebase rules in operation.

I wondered if anyone else had seen this and figured out what that may have happened on any thoughts on possible reasons?

Thanks, as always, in advance.

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14 hours ago, wbmnfktr said:

Just a wild guess but is it maybe necessary that the port is defined within site/config.php?

$config->httpHosts = array('www.localhost:8888', 'localhost:8888');

Hi there.

Yup, you guessed it. Thank you, I can't believe after all this time I missed that!

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  • prestoav changed the title to [Solved] Admin 'View' links removing port nos?

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