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Open Lister detail in a different template


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I have done news with Lister, the summary is output via foreach.

<?php foreach($pages->find('template=news, sort=date') as $item): ?>

I would like to open the full article via

<p><a href="<?= $item->url ?>">read more</a></p>

into another detail template (news-detail), which I have created.

Is there a way to open the $item content in a different detail template, perhaps a second 'template= … ?

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The most simple way to achieve that is to call a detail page (based on a detail template) and specify the news item with a get parameter like so:

<p><a href="/newsdetail/?newsid=<?= $item->id; ?>">read more</a></p>

In this case, your detail template would contain only the logic to receive an id and render the markup for $item with the given id. If you don’t like get parameters, you could alternatively use form submits instead of <a href> and send the ids as post variables.

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A GET parameter is the way to go here, as @rash suggests.

You could also use the template name in the get parameter

<p><a href="<?= $item->url ?>?template=news-detail">read more</a></p>

and then in your news.php template do something like

if($input->get->template && $template = $input->get->text('template')) { // check for GET parameter 'template' and sanitize  
	$files->include("{$template}.php") // use $files API to include the template. All API variables (like $page) will be passed 
} else {
// your regular news.php template logic logic goes here


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