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VR 360 images help


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Need some help getting vr360 images to work. I found this module https://github.com/danielstieber/Markup360Image Installed it but somehow not sure how to show the vr images.

I have normal "images" field and I want first image to be VR360 wiev.

I've tried with something like this but not working.

<?php $m360 = $modules->get("Markup360Image"); 
 echo "$m360->render($images->first->url)";

It would also be great if I could use tags like ('vr') to tell if image is vr or not. Is this possible somehow? I bought SeaVuel template there is the same way of telling the vr from normal images but Im unable to figure it out how it was done there. I already enabled tags in images field.

Any help is apreciated

Thank you



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