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Hide landing page, keeping children visible


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I have a landing page for several sections of our website that are "special features."


Is there a way in the Pwire CMS to make the landing page invisible or re-direct elsewhere while leaving its children published? I'd like to prevent people from walking up the directory tree to the landing page. I know I can do this with a simple Apache rewrite rule, but was wondering if there's a way to do in Pwire as well.


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Do you want for example to redirect always to the first child of a landing page?

You could give your landing pages a template "redirect" and in the template file:


This would redirect you to the first child-page

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Hi Wanze,

Not exactly, although that would be very useful in other instances. In this case, the landing page is really just an index that is not meant to be visible, whereas its children need to be published and linked to from other sections of the site as well as from various marketing material, print and electronic.

Thank you for the redirect code, however. I can make use of that, too. 

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