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[alpha] RockHitCounter - Historical Data + Charts for PageHitCounter


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This is just a quick info that I've built a little module on top of @David Karichs great PageHitCounter to store and present historical data of page views.

Note that "historical data" means it can display all pageviews from the time this module has been installed. It can NOT show statistics from before that point of time!

It is by no means meant to replace a full analytics software, but for simple sites this might be just what you (or the user) need(s). I release it as imperfect as it is for two reasons:

  1. Even if the presentation of the data is not perfect yet it might make sense collecting statistics sooner than later.
  2. If anybody wants to work on the presentation side I'd happily merge PRs (or if anybody wants to sponsor updates... PM)

Presentation is done by plotly.js in conjunction with the awesome tabulator.js (both loaded via CDN at the moment) - that means easy analytics can already be done by using tabulator's internal filter capabilities!

Please see the readme for important notes!



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This module is running smoothly on several installations now and the biggest site is having 56.000 page views so far and the statistics (both chart and details table) are instantly there without any noticeable performance issues 🙂 

5 days ago I pushed a little update to make it possible to see the sum of the hits of the filtered details table. That makes it possible to easily filter by month (eg 2021-01) and instantly see the total page impressions of that time period.

A client needed the total impressions over the last 6 months though, so I've added a button for CSV download. Then they can analyse data via excel.


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I honestly don't know why no-one is talking about this.

PageHitCounter is already awesome but this in addition to it... WOW!

Just installed it a few days ago on a side-project and some client projects, yet everyone is more than happy to see what's going on.

AND... it's even GDPR/DSGVO-friendly for those that don't want to use Google Analytics or Matomo (ok... this isn't that detailed but we have trends and at least some insights).


(even for low traffic sites a nice addition / running on PW 3.0.188-dev, Multilang)

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