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return type of object variable

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how can I return the type of an object?

if it's a page array return PageArray. If it's a single page return PageObject etc.

In plain php, this is done by gettype. When I use that here, everything is object, so it's not useful…

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You're confusing variable type and object classes. gettype() returns the type of a variable, i.e. string, int, object etc. If you want to know the class, use get_class(). Note that this will return the fully qualified classname, i.e. ProcessWire\PageArray. If you want to get the classname without the namespace, you can also use Wire::className, which is a method available on all classes extending the Wire class (so pretty much all ProcessWire classes). This one gives you only the classname with the namespace by default:

$somePageArray->className(); // PageArray


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