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Install goes back to wellcome page


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I'm new to PW and I'm having a problem installing.

I'm installing PW, as I have done a few times before.  I use git to get PW and then I go to the install page and go through the install process and everything looks good untill the end when I click "go to page" it brings me back to the initial welcome page.  Not the default front page.  I have tried more than once and more than one installation profiles.  Always the same result.  What am I doing wrong?

I might add that everything else works, the admin area and all other pages, it's just the front page that doesn't



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Hi Ivan, thank you for your reply.

That's the thing, the install.php has been removed and if I press the "Get started" button, which links to install.php, I get að 404 error.

I looked through permissions and they look OK and all the pages seem to be there.  The problem seems only to affect the home page.







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