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[Solved] Multisite routing issues (with Plesk)


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Hey everyone,

i might have a weird issue with my multisite setup. Not sure though, if it is a user error from my side, a server configuration or a pw thing. I am using Soma's Multisite module to redirect different domains to different "sub"page-trees.

On my dev-server, i just manually setup two vhosts on apache to test the configuration and it worked flawlessly. Each domain routes correctly to the corresponding entry in the pagetree. 

My client on the other hand has to use Plesk to configure his webserver. So I setup two domains (domain1.com | domain2.com) there and pointed the domain2.com DocRoot to domain1.com's DocRoot (with the actual pw installation).

$config->httpHosts = [

$config->MultisiteDomains = [
    'domain1.com' => [
        'root' => 'www.domain1.com', 
        'http404' => 27,
    'domain2.com' => [
        'root' => 'www.domain2.ch',
        'http404' => 27,
    'domain3.com' => [
        'root' => 'www.domain3.ch',
        'http404' => 27,


$config->httpHosts and $config->MultisiteDomains are properly set, but somehow when i am trying to load either of the two(or more) domains, it will always route to the first entry of the $config->httpHosts array.

Maybe someone could give me an idea or has worked with a similar setup, because i am feeling kind of blocked right now.

Thanks in advance!


Embarrassingly enough, i just found the issue:
The Plesk default domain setting was redirecting to the www.* subdomain and this setting interfered with the actual routing. Sorry for the pointless thread-spam.

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