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Display not-editable image in the backend


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I wonder if there's a way to display an image in the backend, to help fill out some fields. In this particular case, I want do display a map of buildings with all entries numbered, so the client can look up the number in the image and select the right entry from a dropdown menu.

Thank you!

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Or a simple hook to modify the page edit form 🙂 

$wire->addHookAfter("ProcessPageEdit::buildFormContent", function($event) {
  $page = $event->process->getPage();
  if($page->template != 'yourtemplate') return;
  $form = $event->return;
  $f = $this->wire(new InputfieldMarkup());
  $f->label = 'Help';
  $f->icon = 'picture-o';
  $f->value = "<img src='https://via.placeholder.com/350x150'>";
  $form->insertAfter($f, $form->get('title'));


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