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two processwire installation, in other subdirectories


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Hi there,

I have this problem where i have two subdirectories in my webroot, with two installs of processwire.

/main/ is serving the main site and lives on www.example.com
/blog/ is a fresh install and needs to be in control over whatever happens on www.example.com/blog/

I tried this rule in my htaccess file in the /main/ folder

RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/blog/

But i get the regular 404 page of the main installation.

I hope someone can help me with this, to redirect te /blog/ page to the blog processwire installation.

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honestly, i wonder if your not over complicating your life here ?
if your website is going to be example.com with a blog which url will be example.com/blog why don't simply have one install in the main directory and set a page name... blog
the only reason i can imagine is that the blog editor may not have the same admin rights as the "main" site ones, well, it would be far simpler to do this with user profiles...

one more reason for this will be all the work you're going to have when dealing with possible common content between the web site and the blog, i.e. three last post on the home page, in one install, it's just fingers ine the nose, with two, you'll have to deal with the connexion to another db, and so on

hope it helps

have a nice day

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@sirhc ah ok i understand... you know that, in this case, you'll loose a lot of the SEO work you were speaking about

if i had a customer asking for the same kind of thing i would have tried to convince him/her/them to do the opposite, the website and the blog in a pw install and, when ready, a link to the app from pw menu, this way they could have worked without breaking anything, SEO included but i know clients are not always that easy to convince...

cheer up ?

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