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ProcessPageListActions: adding extra actions to actions


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Hello everybody!

One of my clients seems to be using the extra page actions a lot, and he is rather that they are visible to him without clicking the "extras" icon (">") to expand.

So I decided I'd throw a couple of hooks to add some extra page actions to the regular page actions, so that they become instantly accessible without the need to expand the extras.

Here's a fragment of code from my /site/ready.php

I was trying to use a global variable to store the extra actions array but I don't seem to be able to use it in the second hook.

 * A couple of hooks to add page action
 * "unpub" to the list of non-ajax page actions
 * alongside with "new", "edit" etc

wire()->addHookAfter("ProcessPageListActions::getExtraActions", function($event) {
    global $extraActions;
    $extraActions = $event->return;

wire()->addHookAfter("ProcessPageListActions::getActions", function($event) {
    $actions = $event->return;
    global $extraActions;
    $actions['unpub'] = $extraActions['unpub'];

    $event->return = $actions;

Somehow var_dump(extraActions) keeps giving me a NULL.

I don't really think I should develop a whole module just to change the list of page actions; I just need the extras to be immediately visible without the click. Could you please help me out? 

Any hints or solutions are more than welcome!

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