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Hanna Code Current date


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In the procache forum I posted about my hanna code solution to show the current date on a page.

Posting here so others can use it if needed.

Before I used a document.write solution, but google pagespeed gave warnings with that.

I use this on salespages where I want the visitor to see the current date.

Works great, I use the html below as [[date]] hanna code

<p id="date"></p>
days = ["Sunday","Monday","Tuesday","Wednesday","Thursday","Friday","Saturday"];
months = ["Januari","Februari","March","April","May","June","Juli","August","September","October","November","December"];
d = new Date();
datum = '' + days[d.getDay()] +', '+ months[d.getMonth()] + d.getDate() + ', '+ d.getFullYear() + '';
document.getElementById("date").innerHTML = datum;


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Note that when using id="date" you may only use one date on one page. I'm not using HannaCode at all, maybe you can use PHP to generate an unique id?

<?php $id = "date_".uniqid(); ?>
<p id="<?= $id ?>"></p>
document.getElementById("<?= $id ?>").innerHTML = datum;


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