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Custom Classes for Page objects - The Discussion


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class BasicPagePage extends Page { ... }

You take whatever template name you have and convert that to camelcase, eg basic-page = BasicPage, foo-bar = FooBar, home = Home and then you add the suffix Page to that name (FooBarPage, HomePage). In case of BasicPagePage it sounds a bit weird and I've myself done that wrong several times when I forgot the suffix and just called it BasicPage.php and wondered why it is not working. But once you get the concept it's easy and makes sense 🙂 

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Damned, I have always thought that custom page classes were usable only in template.php files. 🤦‍♂️ This evening I wanted to hack PW to create a template/CustomPageClass mapping usable everywhere with PW API (get, find, etc), and in the first 3 minutes I found it was already there. 😄

This is huge, I love it and am already refactoring some code and twig templates with a custom UserPage, using Traits to share some implementation with my RawUser class (an optimized class from direct database query). I'm quite excited! 😆

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