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I'm having an issue with TextFormatterVideoEmbed. Never had any problems with this before but it's not picking up the Youtube or Vmeo urls when it's in <p> tags, as it should do. Has anyone experienced this too?

I'm using PW v3.0.165, TextFormatterVideoEmbed v1.1.1 in CKEditor (core within PW 3.0.165).



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Hi Adrian

Thanks for you reply. Could be, I'll take a look. 

Yes. The module looks for either a Youtube or Vimeo url between <p> tags and knows to output it as an embedded video. This isn't happening. It just outputs the url as plain text.

I'll have a look at the module.

Thanks again.

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Having strange issues with this one as well. The field is 'body' and it has the TextformatterVideoEmbed option.

On the same page, I have the YT URL in the page's body field. It outputs the URL.

Below it, I have a Repeater Matrix field with the same body field and content and it outputs the video.

Any ideas?


I have found a cause but not the fix. My code is:

	$featured = false;
	if ($page->hasField('images') && $page->images->count > 0) {
        $featured = $page->images->last;
        $description = !empty($featured->description) ? $featured->description : $page->get("headline|title");

	// ...

<?php if (!empty($page->body)) : ?>
  <div class="main__body owllob">
    <?php if ($featured != false) : ?>
      <img class="main__feature-img" loading="lazy" src="<?=$featured->width(300)->webp()->url?>" alt="<?=$description?>" />
    <?php endif; ?>

<?php endif; ?>

When I include a 'featured' image and even though it renders separately to the body field, the YT URL does not convert.

When I delete the image, it does and the video shows/plays as expected???

Screen Shot 2021-07-08 at 24952 pm.png

Screen Shot 2021-07-08 at 25021 pm.png

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Are you using the latest version of TextFormatterVideoEmbed 2.0.2 ?

Is 'body' a CKEditor field? Also is the YT URL within <p> tags? Pretty obvious things but worth checking. 

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