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Sounds like it is going from one note and then down 12 semitones. 

You do the sound once then copy it and overlap it with a gentle cross fade (you can hear it coming in.)

Then you chop it in half and swap the halves over and join it back up again and voila, you have your loop.

Because you are being strict about the starting and ending on the same note (this is playing fifths I think), then looping is relatively easily. We used to do this sort of thing on quarter inch tape running at 30 inches per second for high quality.

To get the loop working we would run it down the corridor on mic stands across little tape reels. If you were confident about starting tape machines at the same time you could run it through several and therefore get the playback at several points, dub the result onto a new loop and start again.

The famous doctor who theme used rather a lot of this, I believe.


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