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Hi guys,

I just found this article on A List Apart: https://alistapart.com/article/webwaste/ 

Here is a quote:


However, from the code to the content, everything about Web design has become super-bloated and super-polluting. Consider that if a typical webpage that weighs 4 MB is downloaded 600,000 times, one tree will need to be planted in order to deal with the resulting pollution.

After reading this, I have to rethink my design strategy for my future websites.

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That's right .. in my company we have debated many times about the current trend of web design with so many graphics and stock photos, and too much bombast in the texts. After a couple of minutes looking at the pages you still do not understand what exactly they are trying to sell, offer or inform. A total loss of the message, and all for the "beauty" of the page. It's the sublimation of "an image is worth a thousand words", but incoherent words I suppose!

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I've just posted about a related topic/issue, the JavaScript/JSON bloat, which also "helped" not to speed up the internet, despite that lots of us are already connected via optical cables. But there is light at the end of the tunnel: HTML-over-WebSockets



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