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How to add my site profile to the module directory

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I trying to add my site profile to the module directory here: https://processwire.com/modules/add/
I entered the GitHub project URL and press Continue. Then I got:

  • Unable to load module info from GitHub.
  • Please make sure there is a getModuleInfo() function, a ModuleName.info.php file, or a ModuleName.info.json file.

It it possible that the module directory accepts only module? If so, where can I add site profiles?


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@tcnet If possible, add a ModuleName.info.php file, or a ModuleName.info.json file to your repo, where "ModuleName" has the same name as your repo. Here's an example of an info.json file:

        "title": "Your Module or Site Profile Name",
        "summary": "One sentence summary of the module or site profile.",
        "version": 1,
        "author": "Name of author"

We haven't had any site profiles added since the directory was recently updated, so if you find that doesn't work, please send me a PM with your repo URL and I'll figure it out here. 

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Thank you for your quick response.

I created ModuleName.info.php and ModuleName.info.json and filled it with title, summary, version and author. But non of them solved the problem. So I created a ModuleName.module which contains a class with the same name as the site-profile and the getModuleInfo() function. Now I was able to submit the GitHub project URL. After, I deleted ModuleName.module again from the GitHub project.

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