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Found a bug in image custom fields

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Page reference fields added in image custom fields do not function properly in the backend, unless the field is also added in the page where the image is located in.

In my site I was using a matrix field before the image, so it's possible it's part of the problem.

Simple diagram because I'm bad at explaining things:

- regular page
--- matrix field
---- image field (with its own template to enable custom fields)
----- page reference field (inside image template) <- does not work properly in backend, unless it's also inlcuded in the regular page template

Without adding the page reference field inside the page template, it seems javascript or something like that doesn't load properly and it doesn't function when you click the image open to edit its fields. This is especially true when using autocomplete / ASM select options.

It's possible adding any page reference field on the page would fix it, but I only tested it using the same field in both templates.

Tested using the latest PW dev / matrix versions.


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Just tested with PW 3.0.165 and Matrix 0.0.5 and it seems to work fine for me. Tested on Reno and UiKit themes. I tried all the option for the page reference field, single, multiple, PageTree, autocomplete and Select.

What do your developer tools say? Any errors?

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I've attached two files. First one shows the page reference field working as intented (ASM mode) and the other shows what happens when I remove the page reference field from the page template. If I use autocomplete instead of ASM it's broken even more badly.

I also tried the image field in the page template instead of matrix, and there it works as intended. So this problem is related to the matrix somehow.



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