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Boost up count queries


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how can I boost up this code in my template?

<?php $selector = 'template=game, genre.name=strategy'; ?>
<?php foreach ($topics as $topic): ?> <!-- ~50 topics -->
	<?php $count = pages()->count($selector . ', topics.name=' . $topic->name) ?><!-- more than 1000 games -->
    	<!-- My awesome super stuff with $count -->
<?php endforeach ?>

I've three similar queries of the code above in a template and it slows down the page load ~2secs. How can I boost up the count query?


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how.abt u use $cache 2 do jus do it. 1once per hour ?

echo $cache->get('topic-count', 3600, function() use($topics) {
  $str = '';
  $strategy = pages()->get("template=genre, name=strategy");
  foreach($topics as $topic) {
    $count = pages()->count("template=game, genre=$strategy, topic=$topic");
    $str .= "<li>$topic->title: $count games</li>";
  return $str;

also.2 make faster u better should uses "id" not name, so "topics" no 'topics.name' and "genre" not genre.name etc. othrwis pw have to look those up for u (?) every time of foreach


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Thank you. It looks like that to cache the HTML output is the only solution.

Strange is, that the cache offers a renderFile method. But I dont get it to work to render a partial (site/templates/partials/foo/bar.php). Does anybody have a working example?

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