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Protecting files / prevent direct access / pagefile secure


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I'm experimenting with protecting files from users who haven't logged in.

Using the $config->pagefileSecure works, but is site wide and I need something where I can set the access per user. Currently it seems you have to be superuser in order to see files secured with this, which isn't very useful.

I'm running the latest dev version, so I tried the prevent direct access option in the page template. But it does not seem to do anything at all. With a clean installation, and playing around with the direct access settings I cannot make e.g. images non-accessible even when page is unpublished or trashed, or when user is not supposed to have access. It just doesn't seem to do anything at all.

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Only moments after posting this it suddenly started to work. Although it's a little unclear why. In the example images in Ryans post the pages general access management was turned off, but I needed to turn it on before anything happened. Perhaps it's an inheritance thing.

Next question... how can I make this work per page/user rather than template/role? Or at least per page/role?

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