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Accounting: Multiple entry lines for a business transaction


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Hello all,

I am just thinking about building a small accounting tool with processwire for my club. Background, I'm tired of doing everything with excel and constantly picking out the accounts and co.

The whole thing should be nothing special, but I have a question for you experts that is bothering me right now.

I need the possibility to specify several lines (debit to credit) per "posting". E.g. for different tax rates in an invoice or for different areas on which I want to distribute the booking.
My question now, what would be the "easiest" or best way to solve this?
With my current knowledge, I would probably solve it with repeaters, but is that the easiest/best solution?

The longer I think about it, it is probably the same as with an invoice tool, there you also need partly several positions. Maybe one or the other of you has already solved this problem for yourself?

I look forward to your ideas / suggestions.


@bernhard on the search for solutions for this contribution, I also became aware of your tool RockPrice, are you there with the evaluation after tax rates already progressed? this would of course also be a requirement of mine for the advance return for sales tax ("Umsatzsteuervoranmeldung")...



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19 hours ago, Ralf said:

My question now, what would be the "easiest" or best way to solve this?

Easiest: Repeater (in the short run)
Best: A custom Fieldtype/Inputfield

The problem from my point of view is that either the development of the field is complicated or - if you save time on that - the following calculations and use of your setup gets complicated. I'm thinking of creating an Inputfield/Fieldtype combo for such inputs using tabulator.info... It has everything that is necessary for handling such inputs: You can add/remove/sort rows, you can show column aggregations instantly (sum of net value, sum of vat), you can show overall totals, you can even edit cell values directly (like increasing/decreasing amount of items).

If you are interested in developing such a field together write me a PM ? 

I've created a quick and dirty demo: https://jsfiddle.net/baumrock/t70dg93b/1/

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