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"Template" - a minimal barebones profile

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Hi everyone, I'm not an expert, but I regularly make small to medium-sized pages either in static html or for wordpress (_s).

I now use Processwire instead of creating static pages, because I can then maintain the pages more easily and I am also faster.

I created a site profile with, which is the basis for my work. Since I like to work with sass, I use the sassify module and have created a small boiler for it. html-bones is my html base. And for this I have built in the osano cookie consent.

Maybe someone can still use something of it, or there are suggestions for improvement. In fact, i am certainly not using every possibilities of processwire in the best effectivly way, but this basis is sufficient for the type of internet pages that i usually create. I usually don't accept more complex jobs at all, so as not to overwhelm myself.

You can find the link to this profile here: https://github.com/eversthomas/processwire/tree/master/site-html5blank-sass

And an example: https://processwire.end-linkage.de/

Greetz from germany


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Hi guys,

that was a few days of fun for me. A good learning experience. I have done some experimental things (for me "experimental) 😉

The result: https://github.com/eversthomas/pw-maturana

I have

  • sass
  • a small blog
  • metainformation in header
  • a responsive menu with hamburger
  • my cookie consent
  • a card component (repeater field)

My experimental website: https://pwblog.end-linkage.de

Greetz from germany


PS: Everything is done with direct output strategy with includes. Actually i have to learn the delayed output strategy. 

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