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PW 3.0.173 – Core updates, new hook type


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I want to hook urls having this schema:


This is what I came up with:

    $url = "/mymodule/(.*)/";
    $this->wire->addHook($url, function(HookEvent $event) {
      $url = $event->arguments(1);
      $parts = explode("/", $url);
      if(count($parts) < 3 OR count($parts) > 4) {
        throw new Wire404Exception("Invalid number of url segments");

It makes sure that I have a trailing slash and it fires on /mymodule/foo/bar/ as well as /mymodule/foo/bar/test/

Any better ideas/solutions for such "optional" url segments?

PS: I have to say it again: What a brilliant feature these new url hooks!!! ?

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Bern hard u.can does

$wire->addHook('/mymodule/{foo}/{bar}(/{baz})?/', function($e) {
  return "<pre>
    foo: $e->foo
    bar: $e->bar 
    baz: $e->baz








rm -Rf

cd ..


@ bern

berna hard


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On 3/30/2021 at 8:01 PM, adrian said:

Has anyone checked 3.0.174 to see if this is now fixed?

I upgraded to 3.0.175 on a site where pagination broke (I did a roll back) and I can confirm it is working again.

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