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Weekly update – 26 February 2021


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The core dev branch commits this week continue to work on feature requests, and the plan is that the version in progress (3.0.173) is and will be focused entirely on added feature requests. While a few requested small features have been committed to the dev branch this week, there are also still two more in progress that aren't quite ready to commit, so those will likely be in next week's commits. Once they are in place, we'll also bump the version to 3.0.173. Following that, I'd like to have 3.0.174 focused on resolutions from the processwire-issues repo, and 3.0.175 focus on PRs. That's the plan for now anyway. It might be a good rotation to keep going. In the next couple of weeks I'm also likely to wrap up the client project that's kept me pretty busy recently, though it's all been ProcessWire-related and fun work thankfully. If you've also been busy building new sites in ProcessWire any time recently, please add them to our sites directory if you get a chance. I hope you all have had a great week and likewise have a great weekend! 

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Thanks for all your work on the community requests.

I would recommend to close issues/requests instead of adding the completed label for them (or does this label has some automation behind it?). The advantage of this is, that the list of issues get smaller and the issuer knows that the issue/request is fixed. Are you waiting for feedback for "completed" requests? If not, it's just fine to close the issue. If the OP has something to add he can still add a comment or reopen the issue.

But thanks again for your efforts on this. I really feel like involving the community more, like you do now, can take take ProcessWire to new heights and make it even more one of the best CMS out there. Keep up the good work.

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