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Trash A Page Via REST API

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Hello community,

I'm using https://processwire.com/modules/rest-api/ to define some REST API endpoints for my ProcessWire.
One of these endpoints receives an ID in the path via /api/foo/:id .
I search for the page using $pages->get() and can confirm that it's found.

The tricky part is now that when I do $my_page->trash() or $pages->trash($my_page) I end up with the following error:
"Attempt to read property "id" on null. File: [...]\wire\core\PagesEditor.php:296"
Which seems to be the case because ProcessWire checks with $this->wire("page")->id if the current page is the one I try to trash/delete.
Understandably there is no current page when this is not a template file.

So how could one proceed to trash/delete a page via REST API if the aforementioned ProcessWire APIs won't work?

Best regards

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Hi Tobias, welcome to the forum!

Sorry, I have no answer for you, but I can just tell you that I've never had any problems using $page->trash() in any of my projects. So your tricky part should really not be tricky at all 🙂 Maybe there's something else going on...

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Please provide the code that you use.

The error says, that it is trying to read the property of a null object. That means, that $my_page is not a page and therefore ProcessWire can't get the id of this page.

If you have an id for the page do `$pages->get(insertIdHere)->trash();`

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