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Safari / Ckeditor / Image bug - help to confirm please!

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Hi everyone,

I had a client notice something weird and I can reproduce it as well.

Using Safari (on a Mac - not sure about Windows), create content in a CkEditor field with an image before any other content. When inserting you must check the "caption" checkbox so that PW will wrap it in a <figure> tag. Now add some text below the image.

Now, select that image and click the Image button the CkEditor toolbar (or right click on it and select image properties). You can make a change if you want, but even clicking "Insert Image" without changes will work. Do that, and you'll see that all content below the image is gone.

If you add a sentence before the image, you'll see that the problem no longer exists.

I'm not sure yet if this is a PW bug, or a CkEditor bug.

Thanks for any help in confirming this and any thoughts of what is to blame 🙂

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