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Solution for maintaing different crops of the same image


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Hi all,

What would be the best way to maintain different crops of the same image 'desktop', 'mobile', or perhaps 'landscape', 'portrait', 'square', etc? And perhaps with some fall back, that if mobile is missing, it falls back to desktop, or similar?

I was hoping to avoid having to make separate fields for variations, if possible.

many thanks!


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@ZekaWhat I'm looking for is that the editor is able to do custom named crops. I'd like the editor to be able to manually decide how a 'mobile' crop should be cropped.

So not just automatically cropped from the center, and also not cropped from a focus point (which is mentioned elsewhere) but a custom named crop where the editor decides exactly what crop is going to be "portrait" for example.

I'd like to be able to define named variations such as "portrait, square, landscape" and the editor can make manual crops for each of these three named crops (but based on the same image), and save them as separate variations.

Then again, perhaps I'm over-complicating things. I should just stick to using focus point. It's slightly less flexible in that you have to choose one single focus point, but easier to reason around perhaps. I have a client with images that has some quite specific requirements, like top-right crop for mobile, center for desktop and center-right for tablet (for example) - you can't do this with focus point.

thanks again

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