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The Brad Field - Proof of Concept


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The Bard field in Statamic has been been discussed and mentioned several times in the forums, dating all the way back to 2018, as something worth emulating in ProcessWire. Here is a short demo of a proof of concept of an unimaginatively (temporarily?) named (and very colourful) module doing just that.


App running outside ProcessWire.



Screenshot of the app in InputfieldBrad, running in a modal, quirks and all.



Way Forward

I don't know but no current plans for any sort of release, paid or otherwise. I like where @flydev ?? is headed with FieldtypeEditorJs so let's support that ?.

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Ok this one is mindblowing, looks like a perfect upgrade from the solution I'm currently using.

I'm getting by with a repeater and a modded version of FieldtypeSelectFile that basically lets you select a php from a given content blocks directory, assumes there's a png that goes with it, and renders a neat block selector. From there, it's just hiding and showing fields depending on the value of that selector. It's not the most elegant of solutions from the "setting up" perspective, but quite nice and comprehensive for the editor and the php code on the frontend super understandable.

Brad seems to try to do just enough. Looks great for custom, controlled content blocks. Too much freedom and the editor usually makes a mess ?


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