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I've just released a new module called PageimageSource which effectively supersedes PageimageSrcset.

I've wanted to rewrite this module for a while now, to remove some features that I feel aren't necessary (e.g. UIkit widths / portrait mode), and have a more stripped back module that is more focused on specific functionality. I'd hoped to be able to do this by having a version 2.0.0, indicating breaking changes, but PW doesn't indicate this when upgrading, so the situation where users upgrade and things break would almost certainly happen.

I therefore decided to rewrite the module and release it under a different name. 

I don't expect to do any more work on PageimageSrcset, but will apply any fixes as required. If you are starting from scratch on a project, PageimageSource is the one to use.

If you are thinking to migrate a project using PageimageSrcset to PageimageSource, this list of changes should hopefully allow you determine if it is possible:

  • The sizes() method/property has been removed
  • The portrait mode has been removed (still possible through settings though - see the PageimageSource README for an example)
  • UIkit widths -> sizes has been removed
  • All the debug stuff has been removed
  • The render() method behaves differently. It is more geared toward a <picture> implementation (requested by @teppo)

Basically if all you've used is the default configuration and the srcset property, migration shouldn't cause any issues. Pretty much any other situation isn't suitable for migration.



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