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Hey, I am Seema. I am new to this community. I'm the Software Strategist & Digital Marketing Specialist. When I'm not working, I like to go off roads, adventure sports, and try new cuisines. I find technology very intriguing and would love to share ideas to make this globe a better place to live.

So right now I just looking for some best forums & communities and I got this. But I couldn't find an intro or new member thread, so if its not against the community guideline so love to start new one.

So I'm starting with me, I would like if others will join.

Thanks & Regards

Seema Singh

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Howdy @darkanglesima(Seema) and welcome to the forum!

You'll find this community very active both in development and in strategy. Feel free to ask any questions. There will be many to contribute.

As for me, I'm an old-school programmer since the 70s. I currently work primarily as a SaaS developer so I don't design web sites per se as there are many far more skillful people that do a much better job than I. I've contracted with IBM, Strategic Air Comand (B-1B), and various federal financial organizations. I am a diver, pilot, amateur radio operator, fisherman, and drinker of fine scotches. Not necessarily in that order. ๐Ÿ˜„

Again, welcome and enjoy!

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