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persistent net price in the cart, taxes never applied

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Still haven't resolved this issue 

I thought I move my issue to a separate thread.

I'm in SnipWire/SnipCart test mode, SnipWire version 0.8.7, PW version 3.0.169

I'm struggling with the taxes, they just won't get applied to the products, what appears in the cart is always – all the way to the confirm order dialogue – without taxes.

Here's everything I'm working with:

SnipWire Settings

Taxes Provider, I can choose between:
- Snipcart (no effect - I added additional taxes on snipcart.com which just won't appear)
- Integrated (SnipWire)

On snipcart.com:
- "included in price" (no effect, checked or unchecked)
- "applies on shippings" (no effect, checked or unchecked)

So I selected Integrated (SnipWire). Then…

- Taxes Included in Prices (no effect, checked or unchecked)

Taxes Configuration:
- 10 % VAT, Shipping: unchecked

Shipping Taxes Handling
- No shipping taxes (for now)

SnipWire Webhooks Endpoint: /webhooks/snipcart (also added to the Snipcart dashboard like this: http://mywebshop/webhooks/snipcart)

Product Settings

- Product is taxable (no effect, checked or unchecked)

VAT (select field)
- 10% VAT (no effect, selected or not)

Ironically enough, I entered the products' gross prices yet in the cart their net prices appear.

Snipcart Products

 click "Refresh" – no effect

Snipcart.com Settings

prices are wrong here. I entered "," as a decimal seperator, now the prices are all hundredfold, i.e. 14,80 -> 1,480.00
- refreshed products - no effect


Also tried the usual suspects, deleting cache, incognito mode.

What else can I try? If I contact to snipcart.com, they always advise me to talk to the PW "SnipWire" module developer @Gadgetto

Please help!

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Moderator note: this is not a module support thread, so I'm moving it to the General Support area of the forum instead. Please keep in mind that the Modules/Plugins area is only intended for module-specific support threads. Thanks!

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Apparently, if you change the decimal operator to a comma, don't bother changing the price format in that very field's settings in your ProcessWire installation, which is what I did, cause the regex is [-+]?[0-9]*[.]?[0-9]+ and the field note says "Dezimal mit einem Punkt (.) als Trennzeichen".

Rather leave it as is, enter the prices with a dot as decimal separator, head over to your snipcart.com dashboard > store configurations > regional settings, simply change it there and snipcart should do all the rest.
Taxes work fine this way and frontend shows a comma in lieu of a dot.

Anyways, hope that helps someone else in the future.

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