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Need HELP Pliz


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Well... what module is affected and which versions of PW are you running.

This kind of error is uncommon to me at least.

It looks like the regular textarea field needs an update so this error is even more... weird.
Are you running a special kind of setup... like IIS oder NGINX or... whatever?

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I don't know why you have this module in `site/modules`.

1 - make a backup

2 - rename the folder `FieldtypeTextareas` to : `.FieldtypeTextareas` and refresh modules, then if you are invited to select a module between `site/modules` and `wire/modules`, choose the last one.

3 - report here

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1 hour ago, flydev 👊🏻 said:

I don't know why you have this module in `site/modules`.

This is the ProModule Textareas amd it is supposed to be there.

Maybe a failed upload of files during the update?

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      My hosting company (Dreamhost) upgraded their VPS accounts from Ubuntu 14 (also known as Trusty) to Debian 10 (aka Buster). Since they have done that, I can no longer upload photos through the PW admin. Most of my templates use the Images field and when I go to upload an image - no matter the size, I just see spinning over the image icon. I checked my console and get the following errors:
      [Error] Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 418 () (edit, line 0)
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      I seem to be running into a repeated fatal error in a fresh PW install version 3.0.148. I can't quite put my finger on the pattern but it seems to be around deleting image fields or removing images from certain image fields.
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      Hi Guys, 
      I have been debugging a site for the last 2 hours and cannot solve the issue. 
      I have a site running on 3.0.148. 
      I installed the Kongondo Blog module and was updating the templates to include the website style. 
      Once everything was set and done, I checked the page tree to see an error appear. 
      Template must be assigned a name before 'filename' can be accessed
      The same error appears in templates. 
      Debugging Steps
      I checked the templates in the server to ensure I didnt accidentally delete the namespace.  Deleted cache in browser and server under assets Still no go. 
      Any help is appreciated. 
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      Hello all,
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      The installation process was completed, pressed 'Login to Admin' and I am receiving a 404 error.
      I am using a GoDaddy Shared Hosting Package with Plesk installed.
      Does anyone have any experience with using ProcessWire on a shared hoasting package?
      Many Thanks.
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