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page-edit-created for parent/children ?


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Hi, I recently found out about the page-edit-created permission. That's amazing.

But is there a way to get it to work for parents. Lets say user P created the page A - is it possible to let P edit all children (and grandchildren) of A but not children of B, that P didn't create? Lets call them AA, AAA, ABA, ABB (children of A). and BA, BAA, BBB (children of B).

And, furthermore, I have now a case where I would like to change the owner of A to P, and let P edit AA, AAA, ABA, ABB without having to individually change each page to owner P. Possible?

Put differently, what I'd like is to make P owner of a node in a tree, and that all pages under that sub-tree belongs to P, but nothing else outside this sub-tree. From what I understand page-edit-permission only works per page or template - but not children?

Or is there a better way to tackle this?

Again with examples:

project1 (project template)
      event1 (event template)
      event2 (event template)
project2 (project template)
      event3 (event template)
      event4 (event template)

if I give P ownership of project1, i cannot prevent P from adding events under project2, right? Also, if I change owner for project 1, i have to change owner of event1 and event2 for P to be able to edit those - I was hoping i wouldn't have to do that.

Is there such a thing as page-add-child-created :)?




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