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Need a developer for a large scale Movie Actor Hiring Project

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Hello fellow coders.

Need someone to work with on a large actor hiring project. The idea is to build a website with user registrations intended for movie cast persons ONLY. A simple registration process of email/password would be required which after a confirmation would lead to an option to edit the rest of the profile and add an IMDB URL to the users Name Page. This value would not be allowed to be changed by the end user once it is saved and will be used to populate the information for the profile.

The key needs of the projects will be related to using some reputable API to query IMDB (without getting banned or blacklisted by IMDB), build an internal messaging system (with new message notifications) for initial communication between registered users ONLY, have a calendar of availability for every person and an option to RATE a person ONLY IN CASE THE TWO PERSONS WORKED TOGETHER on a specific movie cast.

The project could expand furthermore, so the need is for a long term developer to work with and the prices will be discussed further. Presently we own the LoginRegisterPro, FormBuilder, ProFields to facilitate creation of any forms and speed up the development. Web hosting is already set and full access will be provided for the hosted project.

Not sure how long could it take for a PRO developer to achieve the project initial phase so that will be discussed further.

I am presently located in Canada but can be available for any time zone location comms if a need be. The entire scope of the project is added to JIRA and will be provided to better understand the needs and all the correlations avoiding confusion throughout development. 

I have experience with ProcessWire so if a need/will be, can assist. Unfortunately my time and custom module skills are not yet there...

Join us and let's build something beautiful to be proud of 😉 

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