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Inconsistent breadcrumbs for process sub pages

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Hi, I'm creating a custom process module with a subpages (via ___executeXXX). The problem is the module's main page uses in the breadcrumbs a module's page title but the sub pages uses a title of the module itself as a parent page in a breacrumbs, see:

Modules config:

public static function getModuleInfo() {
		return [
			'title' => 'Réva Jedlička - Kontakty',
			'version' => 1,
			'summary' => '',
			'page' => [
				'name' => 'contacts',
				'title' => 'Kontakty',
			'requires' => [
			'installs' => [

Breadcrumb for main page (___execute()):


Breadcrumb for a subpage (___executeDetail()):


What should I do to have Administrace > Kontakty > Detail there without changing the name of the module?


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