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Can't add image to PDF in event hook (ready.php)

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I can't add my image logo to the pdf when I generate the pdf in a hook.

$pdf = $modules->get('RockPdf');

  function($e) use ($pdf) {
    $pdf->write('<img style="width: 250px;" src="' . '/var/www/clients/client1/......./img.png' . '">');
    $pdf->save('./generated_pdfs/' . date('yy-m-d_H_i') . '.pdf');

This same thing works without a problem and adds the image to the pdf when it's generated outside of an event hook (in the admin I have the same pdf generator). But because I need to generate this pdf on form submit and send it with the mail. I need to generate it in the event hook.

I tried absolute path, relative path, even base64 code (that too works in the admin pdf generator), but nothing seems to work when I try to use it here in the ready.php Hook.

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How does the output look like? Are you sure that the image exists? Well, it should, if it is a static image and in other areas it works as expected... Not sure if $pdf->save() using a relative path for the pdf is a good idea 😉  Are you sure that the hook is executed?

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