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Custom fields support for file and image fields: misinformation?


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From the blog post you've linked:


You may use fields of these types: Text, Textarea (non CKEditor), Integer, Float, Page Reference, Checkbox, Toggle, Datetime, Email, URL. You may also use the multi-language versions of core Fieldtypes. For Page Reference fields, you may also use any of the core input types it supports.

Radio input (like the "License" one shown in the image) looks like is not mentioned there, so yes, to me it looks like a misleading example.
I read somewhere in the forum that ryan has the intention to make some polish on custom image field, but honestly I don't remember where.

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Thanks, i successfully recreated your example, using Page Reference and it works perfect in a multilanguage site
(also used the module you mentioned https://processwire.com/modules/process-page-field-select-creator/)

But suppose to have a multiple selection for "License type" so any image should dsplay all available license assigned

This works with a single selection

echo $image->option_type->title;

Don't understand why it doesn't work with a foreach am i missing something?

foreach($images as $image){
	foreach($image->option_type as $opt){
		echo $opt->title;

Any help is appreciated ?

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Just now, Mike-it said:

I got this notice:

*Notice*: Trying to get property 'title' of non-object...


Sounds like you need to double check the name of the "option_type" field and check that it is set to support multiple values. Debugging this stuff is much easier with the Tracy Console because you can dump at each step of the process to figure out where the problem actually is.

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