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Top five features and hidden gems

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Hi everyone,

I have always wondered how you folks use Tracy. This will help me to focus in on future improvements and it might also highlight features to other users that they might have overlooked. In that spirit, feel free to add a second list of your favorite hidden gems - maybe you don't these very often but you still value them when the need arises.

Thanks for your thoughts.

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This is a great topic! I would love to learn more about the features of Tracy Debugger. I did start to read the docs a few times, but never had time to proceed))

As for me, I actually do not have a lot to share, as I only seem to use:

  1. the great bd()
  2. and the dumps recorder,
  3. and the bluescreen (you can't avoid that, but it is really helpful anyway),
  4. and the console once in a while to test selectors or something minor like that,
  5. and the donate button every time I install TracyDebugger on a site,

...but nothing more advanced, really. Would love to learn new tricks though)


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  1. bd() and d() - I've learned SO much about ProcessWire and PHP and OOP in general, can't thank you enough @adrian
  2. console - it's a dream to work with!
  3. request info panel - invaluable, especially when working with RockMigrations
  4. user switcher - handy
  5. refresh feature - modules refresh not moving away from current page
    That one is also great for working with RockMigrations: Usually I create a migrate() method that is triggerd on modules refresh. Then I can add a new field for example to a page and when I'm editing this page, I add the new field in code and just hit "modules refresh" via tracy and I end up on the same page edit screen just with a new field ready to be populated 🙂 

Oh and I've been using adminer for backup/restore lately quite often...

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