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adding files from directory


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I have a page I want to migrate to PW and it contains big download sections with hundreds of files. The files are in directories on the server already, what is the best approach to get them in a page?

Is there some method I missed? Are there any plugins? Or would it be best to do with a filemanager for ckeditor?

Any advice is very welcome.


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Hi @Smirftsch 

Take a look at this thread. There you will find code examples how you can add images from your custom path to the field of your page. 

Also take a look to WireFileTools and its find method that you can use to find all your images in your custom folder.


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Thanks, but its not images for the most part, it's mostly .zip and .7z files- other than that this method would be really nice ?

After some more reading WireFileTools seem to be able to do what I need, but I am unsure yet how to use it. I'll ask in another post about it.

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