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translate new admin image and file input tabs

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Hi all,

this maybe a rookie question πŸ™‚ but i wonder if anyone could tell me what are the files to choose and translate in the language support module for the new input tabs in pw 3.0.170 (image for example)
(sorry if it is not the right forum to post that topic in but i haven't found a specific topic about translations in language packs one)

thanks a lot for any advice

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answering to myself, yes,
- a little late i know but in the meantime i've made many people happy with their new website in pw
- and i know it may sound a little strange but in case in may help someone else looking for the same thing, i've found a funny way to do what i was looking for

apparently the easiest way to do this would be to install pw last release, install language support of course ans then go to the language settings, default language, select all the wire files to translate, submit, save and then... copy paste all the labels in the text inputs, this generates a full and filled default language json files pack

now, wriggling on my chair waiting for the next prod release, in the starting block to make a full french translation πŸ™‚

i know this may sound funny but there may be some other silly old guys like me that still love working in text files, so, i this can help them πŸ™‚

have a nice day

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