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SOLVED: How do you trigger InputfieldRadiosFloated on InputfieldRadios via api

Chris Bennett

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Having no joy trying to find out how to trigger InputfieldRadiosFloated on InputfieldRadios via api for module.

Basically just want same as Radio Button Column options on "normal" field.


If you want the radio buttons to display in columns (rather than stacked), enter the number of columns you want to use (up to 10). To display buttons side-by-side (inline) enter 1.

Guessing at what the magic words might be has not got me far ?

Figure it has to be do-able, and is probably easy, just can't work out how.

Any help pointing me in the right direction, or at a good run down of the options in general would be very gratefully accepted.

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Just now, Chris Bennett said:

Thank you Adrian, I love your work. Tried variations similar, but obviously not the right combo. You rock!

Glad you got it working. 

The simple to figure these sorts of things out are to right-click on a field and "Inspect" to find the name of the field.



Tracy's Request Info panel is also helpful to see all the settings.


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Very much appreciate the tip.
Had taken a look with code inspector, but must have stuffed up my typing, then tried way too many other potential options.

Next time, if in doubt I will use Tracy to confirm. Can't believe I didn't think of that, Saturday afternoon brain is not working as well as I would like.

Many thanks again!

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