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How can I have wordpress run inside a PW website?


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I have a Processwire website (www.example.com)

I want to have a wordpress/woocommerce section of the website at (www.example.com/marketplace/)

Is there any way this can be done?


Apart from this, I am planning to have a universal login system for both the systems. The logins will be verifies inside of PW and an API will be used to transfer login data to wordpress. Now, in this scenario, how the user sessions can be managed and continued? Is cookies a viable/secure option?

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Note that cookies are not secure, so you shouldn't store passwords in them. Even hashed passwords could potentially be used to access your system.

You'll find lots of advice and ideas for how to go about things via Google (other search engines are available).

My own basic suggestion would be to use sessions rather than cookies.

EDIT Just thought. This page might be useful: https://processwire.com/docs/security/sessions/


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