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Loading input field selectable pages in PageTable field just after page creation


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I'm struggling on this hook that would populate selectable pages in PageTable Edit modal form also when a new page is just created.

$wire->addHookAfter('InputfieldPage::getSelectablePages', function($event) {
  $page = $event->arguments('page'); // this is a PageTable page i.e. it's created through an InputfieldPageTable field
  $form = $event->object;

  if($form->hasField != 'selectable_page_field') return;

  // e.g. output: Page('id' => 123, ...)

  $related_page = wire('pages')->get("template=tmpl-name, page_table_field.id={$page->id}");
  // output (when $page is just created/added): 
  // => NullPage('id' => 0, ...)
  // output (when $page is reloaded e.g. the edit page form is refreshed):
  // => Page('id' => 456, ...)
  // Note: get() behaves differently depending on the page process flow: add and edit!
  // The problem may be caused by the page_table_field (InputfieldPageTable field) which
  // doesn't create the page until e.g. the related modal window is closed and re-opened,
  // and/or save button is hit in it.

As expected, the above hook runs every time the Page Edit form using selectable_page_field is rendered.

However it doesn't get the $related_page during the creation time because get() returns NullPage(), but the same code does get $related_page in all cases other than the creation time e.g. in Page Edit view after refreshing or closing-opening the modal window.


Is there a way to make the get() to work even during page creation?

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