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Module: ProcessDateArchiver


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Hi there,

anyone got this module working with PW 2.6.0?

everytime I create a new page with the template "article" under "News", my "News" container (and any other published page on the first level) will be deleted and replaced with the new container "2015"?

anyone experience something similar or know how to fix it ...maybe even a similar, up-to-date module for the same task?



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On the setup I use this on my date field (publish_date) is setup to output only dates (no times) as: April 8, 2012. I haven't used this with a multi-language setup either so I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it.


My 'news-archive.php' template just lists the child pages of the year url I'm in.

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I seems I'm having a similar situation.

the post eg. /2016/08/01/article-post
is being saved to /2016/08/01/article-post-2
and after saving again it's being renamed to /2016/08/01/article-post

I was mentioned before, it's not really compatible for 2.7 but I was wondering if there might be an update available, or not...


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hello this is my first time using this module, work great but I'm not sure how should my year, month templates look like. My php is not so good, would appreciate some help here.

I would like to post some articles from that "month, year", maybe a title an image and some short text.

my year template name is blog-articlelist-year.php and month blog-articlelist-month.php

Thank you very much


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