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Dynamic page links based on page's id instead of URL


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When linking to a page from the tinymce textbox, I'm presented with a list of pages from my processwire installation. This is super handy and makes it easy to link to another section on my site. The problem is that these links doesn't change when the structure of my site changes. It would be really useful if those links were tied to the page-id instead of a static url. That way, processwire could check the page's url on page load instead of having it hard coded into the body.

Does that make sense?

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Something has gone wrong with @Soma's post - it's appearing just as a loading spinner.

I have just the same question as the OP, who describes the answer as "absolutely fantastic", so it'd be great to know what that answer was!

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@BillH, PW now takes care of link abstraction inside CKEditor fields if the "Link abstraction" setting is checked for the field (which it is by default).


There is also the Page Path History module which will take care of redirects when a page path changes (this works for all pages, not just links inside a CKEditor field).

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