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Sanitizing Hashtags from # to %23 to create a tweetable tweet?


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I have a text field called tweet.  I'd like to display it:

$tweet:  This is a sample tweet to @hollyvalero using a #hashtag, or #twotags

and create a tweet button to convert that tweet as postable... I've removed the whitespace and replaced it with + signs

        if ($item->tweet) {
                $tweetable = $sanitizer->removeWhitespace($item->tweet, ['replace' => '+']);
                echo "<div class='twitterformatted'>{$tweetable}</div>";

this gives me: This+is+a+sample+tweet+to+@hollyvalero+using+a+#hashtag,+or+#twotags

in a link tag, the @handle works fine, but I need to replace the #hashtag with %23hashtag

Trying to use a two-step approach with sanitize->chars but I don't see how to turn: $replacement = ''  into replace # with '%23'  ... 

         $hashtag = $sanitizer->chars($item->tweet, '%23' = '#');
         $tweetable = $sanitizer->removeWhitespace($hashtag, ['replace' => '+']);

How do I word this?

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By 'convert that tweet as postable' you mean format it to post it to the Twitter API? In this case, what you want to use urlencode instead of the sanitizer.


Returns a string in which all non-alphanumeric characters except -_. have been replaced with a percent (%) sign followed by two hex digits and spaces encoded as plus (+) signs. It is encoded the same way that the posted data from a WWW form is encoded, that is the same way as in application/x-www-form-urlencoded media type. This differs from the » RFC 3986 encoding (see rawurlencode()) in that for historical reasons, spaces are encoded as plus (+) signs.

Depending on what you want to do rawurlencode might be a better option. It encodes spaces as %20 instead of plus signs, which is technically correct according to the relevant RFC.

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