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Bizarre image issue


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This is a weird one. I have a page with a repeater matrix field on it. Several of the items have CKEditor fields with images in them. When I view the page while logged in, the images are visible. When I log out, all but one of them is stripped from the output.

I double checked that the IDs of the repeater items remain the same--they do.

The image tags are completely absent when I view source.

I used to have ProDrafts installed, but have now remove it. I have ProCache installed, but temporarily disabled it to test this.

I'm at a loss. Any ideas?

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Hello @thetuningspoon,

I had issues with the auto save feature of ProDrafts on image fields. It saved the image field before the image was completely uploaded. So I disabled the auto save feature for image fields.

Maybe this has nothing to do with your issue. But I thought I mention it since you had ProDrafts installed.

Regards, Andreas

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12 hours ago, thetuningspoon said:

CKEditor fields with images in them

At first: Please look at the settings for this CKE field(s). There are checkboxes for showing or removing images without view access for guests.


Second: check the access rights for (repeater)templates and its containing image fields!

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@horst Thank you! The image access control was indeed the problem. At some point the client made a copy of the page and trashed the original, and the clone was still referencing the images on the original page.

Is this how it's supposed to work? It seems like if the page clone clones all of the images on the page, it should also update the image references inside of its textareas 🧐

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