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List of post with same tag


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Sorry to bother again with my Noobies questions but I can't figure out something, It's probably have treated 100 times but as I probably don't have the good vocabulary I can't find anything in the forum.

I would like to have a page who sort all my post ( they all have the same template named project) that share a same tag or category ( tag and category are two fields of page reference in the project's template )

so far I'm here

		$items = $pages ->get("template=project")->children("tags=$page");
				foreach ($items as $item){
										echo <li>$item->title</li>;
										} ?>

Also should I repeat the code with category field or is it better to have two separate templates one for the category list and one for the tag.

I appreciate a lot all the help you can give me.

my best

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If I understand you correctly, you want every individual project page to list all other project pages that has the same tag? If yes, then the following code could work:

$items = $pages->find("template=project, tags=$page");

Just to expand further on that: In your code line, if your code would work, would return something like a random project page's child pages of any template that is tagged with $page (current page). But then, ->children is supposed to be used with $page, not $pages.

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Thank you very much Snobjorn, it works as a charm.

Is there a function that retrieve me the type of field so it can change from tags to categories.

$items = $pages->find("template=project, "function to find if $page is a tag reference or category" =$page");

the idea is to have only one template that I could use for listing all the project of one category or all the project that shares one tag.

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To find the template for the page you are currently at ($page), you can use the information with $page->template. Then you can use a if/else statement to set a variable that would be the field name.

if ($page->template->name == "tag") {
	$field_name = "tag";
} elseif ($page->template->name == "category") {
	$field_name = "category";

$items = $pages->find("template=project, $field_name=$page");

It might be other ways as well, but this should be good enough.

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Thank you very much for all your help Snobjorn.

This code doesn't work because i'm trying to have the same template for tag and category.

but is this code would be correct?

if ($page->parent-> template->name == "tags") {
	$field_name = "tag";

in that case I would make a template for categories and for tags and have the same template for both childrens

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